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Monday, June 29, 2009

MAH Garden

That was my perhaps my fifth visit to Mount Alvernia Hospital (MAH), located at 820 Thomson Road, Singapore 574623. MAH or Mount Alvernia Hospital is a special hospital surrounded by peaceful greens.

My latest visit to the hospital, MAH, was last month. I had chosen to give birth at this hospital again. The reason for choosing MAH is that of religious purpose, as well as the beautiful gardens which the hospital has. The most important being the cleanliness and facilities the hospital provides. The toilet is the utmost important factor which determines the comfort of the hospital. During my first pregnancy several years back, the bathroom at MAH was not as good as now. The flooring was rather old, covered with small bluish mozaic tiles!

During my stay at Mount Alvernia Hospital last month as well as a visit to MAH last year, I had a chance to use several bathrooms at MAH. Most bathrooms are upgraded and almost all the toilets are now so much improved. Not only are the toilets clean, with better floor tiles but also bathroom accessories.

I felt very comfortable during the few days stay at the hospital. The thing which really captivated me and 'opened up' my mind, letting me feel so much refreshed was the garden. At the ward, I was fortunate to have a glimpse of the garden view. On the day of discharge, which I felt better, I took some pictures of the gardens as shown below:

Photo of MAH garden taken at my ward, standing at the window of my room.

Photo of MAH garden taken at second storey of the hospital, along the level of my ward.

Photo I: Beatiful garden at MAH, just beside the admission counter.

Photo II: Beatiful garden at MAH, just beside the admission counter (a continuation from photo I)

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