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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dracaena terminalis (Flaming Dragon Tree)

Dracaena terminalis (Cordyline Plant) 'Firebrand'; Flaming Dragon Tree

This is the plant that my grandmother loved. My grandmother loved aloe vera, a very special type of aloe vera she loved very much. As for this purple plant, this so-called flaming dragon tree or Dracaena terminalis, she used to pluck and bring them to our home in Boon Lay. One can grow this plant by stem-cutting. When my grandmother died, her grave was planted with this plant. My grandfather, her husband, knew that she loved this plant, and he had specially planted this plants on her grave.

I went to her grave before the birth of my children. There were one to three flaming dragon tree. But I have not gone there for years. Little did I know that such a mystery exist between me and these plants, and God.

Richard and I (always) jog at Fu Shan Garden, the special jogging loop. The circle is planted with special trees, lots of plants/trees with medicinal values there, with strange fruits, beauty. Of late, I noticed that this purple plant flowered!!!! --- Full of flowers, first time I see! But now I see the fruits, First Time, First Time I see, so nice!

These pictures were taken on 5th May 2008. See the red fruits, they are so nice.

This little plant is grown out of nowhere, and the first time I saw it, it was purplish with little tinge of green. But I have the 'sensation', the kind of 'special feeling' that that is between me and my grandmother. I am green and she is purple. Now we merged, and I am right, the whole plant has become more green and it is growing so nicely. First time I see such colour, and first time I see purple Dracaena 'Firebrand' become green. I have so much things to say about plants...

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