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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Garden of Unity

These are flowers taken at Garden of Unity at Woodlands, Fu Shan Garden. Everyday, many elderly are seen at Garden of Unity, taking care of the plants there. There are various herbs, vegetables and flowers in the garden. Beside the garden is the running track where many people come for jogging. There are young and old joggers.

There are no modern furniture in the garden. The garden furniture consists of tables and stools. I always see an old man with two dogs sitting at one of the table. Sometimes I saw him chatting with other old men while some other times he was seen strolling around with the dogs. There are no modern furniture in the garden, but recently there are modern playground at the garden. Children love the playground very much. Other developments which are going to be added soon to the garden is the pavilion. The pavilion is under construction now and I look forward for its completion. The garden should have more modern furniture so that people can enjoy their stay in the garden. Currently, there are not many benches and seats around. Some of the seats are very dirty too. Hopefully there are more seats available when the pavilion is ready.

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