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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Corridor Garden

These are plants from our corridor garden. Some plants belong to my mother, some plants belong to my father and some belong to my brother and me. We tried to water the plants everyday, but there were days where we did not water for them. The plants were soon 'thirsty'. As our house does not have any balcony, we can only have container garden at the corridor of our house. We cannot put any blinds to control filter off extreme sunlight on the plants. During this hot season, my father's roses were affected by the harsh environment. If there were blinds at the corridor, the roses, bryophyllum and bougainvillea would have grown more healthily. If there are blinds, the water in the soil would not have evaporated so fast too. How I wish my house has a balcony so that our plants can have better care.

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