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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Peace Garden

Scindapsus aureus is the best of all foliage plants, with yellow and green variegation that is retained even in poor light. Commonly known as Money Plant or Devil's Ivy, it will climb or trail as desired. Scindapsus aureus is a common houseplants as well as a garden plant because it needs little care. The photograph above was taken at the Church of St Anthony, the place where you can find peace.

In this busy world, where Time is Money and everybody wants to go back to nature, no matter where you go, plants and flowers can be found everywhere around us. At home, if you have a backyard, you can have a varieties of plants planted in your garden. However, if you are living in high-rise apartments, you can only have potted plants at home. Looking after container gardens can be another great responsibility for busy houseowners. Some problems associated with houseplants which are deprived of care from their owners includes pests infestation and plants disease. This problems increase the problems of busy houseowners and there is no peace!

Nowadays busy houseowners often choose artificial flowers and plants and even Wall Decals for their home. Instead of having potted plants and flowers, which occupy precious space at home, various Tile Decals which comes in various patterns and colours can bring just as much peace as the live plants and flowers! In fact, more spiritual peace can be derived from nature Wall Decor such as that of birds and flowers, flowers and leaves, etc. Imagine you are surrounded in your own natural paradise with nature all around you -- no need to care for your plants, no need to worry about repotting, no need to worry about space for your home, everyone's home can have a Peace Garden even if there is no more room now!

Do you want to visit Peace Garden or do you want Peace Garden to be with you wherever you go? The choice is yours.

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