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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Grandma's Garden

This is my Grandma's corridor garden. My grandma's hobby is gardening. She took good care of all her plants. She always use water which she had used for washing fish, rice and vegetables to water her plants. From a few pots of plants, her corridor garden has now more pots and more varieties of plants and flowers. One thing which my grandma does not have is stainless steel flower pots. If she has stainless steel flower pots and flower stands, then she would not need to be afraid of mischievous children who always knocked down all her plants. Each time the children had broken the flower pots, she had to find new ones to replace them. If she has stainless steel planters and stainless stain plant stands, then that would be perfect.

Grandma loves flowers. She always cut her flowers from her corridor gardens to place them at the altar. Her vases often dropped on the floor as a result of strong wind. Such thing will not happen if she has stainless steel vase instead!

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