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Monday, December 18, 2006

Peaceful Garden Dream

Close your eyes and think for a moment. What do you think is the greatest achievement in your life that can bring you peace and happiness? Everybody needs a home, a shelter over the head. Regardless of the location, the size, and the architecture, a home serves the most important function of accomodation. No matter how rich or poor you are you need a home.

To have a garden is what a lot of people hope to have. A peaceful garden brings you peaceful relaxation after a stressful day. A peaceful garden not only can allow you to stroll with your love ones, it also allows you to stroll or spend peaceful moment alone at time when you need to be alone. Close your eyes and think, what can be more peaceful than to indulge in your own garden, sitting among your favourite flowers and plants, inside a gazebo, listening to the birds (if any) and watching beautiful butterflies visiting your garden. Most important of all, you feel so much refreshing in the garden -- fresh air and the fragrance of the garden. Imagine everyday, you can have your breakfast and dinner in your own garden, isn't it marvellous? When you feel bored or sick of the stale air at home, you want to lie down and feel in touch of nature, don't you want to lie down on the grass, under a tree probably or just stay in the garden to read your favourite book. Which do you feel more peaceful -- lying down in your own garden or lying down in a public garden or park? Obviously the answer is the former. A public garden or park sometimes can bring danger to you instead of peace. You stand a chance of theft, sexual assault or har
assment, and there is no privacy too.

To have a home to live in is important. To add pleasure and bliss to your home require you to work hard for it. We know the importance of garden, and it is not everyone's capabilities to have a big garden. So close your eyes again, and think of your ideal home. Where should your ideal home be located? Residing in different countries can mean different types of weather and you have different types of garden, with differing range of plants and flowers that could be grown in that climate there. Then you have to think of what kind of properties you want to own. This depend on your financial circumstances of course. This would greatly determine your ideal dreams will come true a not.

Having a big home with big garden is what everyone dream to have. However, not all people can afford to have such luxury. With the population of the world and the land we have, it is also not feasible to have all landed properties too. With these in mind, a lot of properties now are now smaller and have more built-up area. They are more flats, apartments and condominiums as compared to terraces and bungalows. But these do not deter high-rise dwellers to stop having their garden dreams. Using their own creativities and knowledge, container gardens, box gardens, balcony gardens or window gardens are often seen in these buildings. There is much lesser restrictions from these gardens -- you cannot lie on grasses, you cannot put garden furnitures, you cannot put garden fences, you cannot stroll in a garden path! Though lesser restriction, the fulfillment of these garden can be equally good if you put your effort and creativity in your creation of one of these garden.

Do you yearn for a home like Winchester House, with a big garden and nice scenery? If you hope to have a cottage or a victorian home and a peaceful victorian garden, you should work at it. Remember, close your eyes, dream of your ideal home -- where it is situated, the kind of weather it has, how big your home is, when you open your house, what sort of sceneries you desire. Do you hope to walk in a trail of flowers path everyday when you go to work or do you want to be facing the 'walls' (corridors, taking lifts, walking staircase, especially for flat dwellers) everyday when you go to work? Or do you want your children to play safely in your own garden or let them play in the public park?

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