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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Lighting in a garden is particularly useful in summerhouses, on terraces and other places intended for sitting out in the evening. It can also be put wherever it makes some corner accessible in the evening or lights up especially attractive or sculptural plants.

Lamps with wicker or straw shades look well in summerhouses that are mostly constructed of timber. Where the walls are of stone or brick, wrought iron, black painted chandelier-type fitments are better.

Lights placed in the garden to illuminate interesting features should have a dull surface or a non-translucent shade, so they throw light only in the required direction. They may be made of metal or plastics, the important thing being that they should not be a disturbing or even unsightly element during the day. This can be resolved by placing them among plants that partially conceal them.

'Clothes' for the windows are important for Summerhouse. Curtains, blinds and shades are various types of 'clothes' for the windows. Curtains can be custom made or purchased according to your liking and style. Blinds also come in various colours, styles and materials of blinds in the market to suit your liking and theme for your summerhouse. When the windows are 'dressed up', it adds beauty to the summerhouse.

During the day, when it is too hot and glaring, the curtains or blinds can be adjusted to control the amount of light coming from the windows into the summerhouse. Other types of shades may be used as well.

When sunlight is not needed as in the night, or in the daytime, when you feel sleepy, and you need to rest in the summerhouse, curtains and blinds can shut off lights from the windows, creating the privacy you needed and the darkness you desired for your peaceful sleep and rest.


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