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Monday, November 27, 2006


A Summerhouse is a small roofed building of varying forms in gardens or parks designed to provide cool shady places of relaxation or retreats from summer heat.

If your garden extends some distance from the house, you really need a summerhouse so that you can spend long periods in the garden, whatever the season.

In a big garden, a summerhouse can also be a place to rest, or a shelter from which the garden can be observed even when it is raining. So it should always be situated in a spot with a good view of the landscape or in a pretty corner of the garden.

A summerhouse may house garden furniture and tools, or it can be fitted out with easily protable furniture and a cooking stove and so on, so that meals can be eaten there.

All kinds of material can be used to build a summerhouse, but the most suitable is timber, as this is likely to fit in best with the environment. However, buildings of bricks or concrete blocks do last longer. White plaster combined with dark wood for the shutters or railings looks both nice and natural. Various typs of assembled prefab summerhouses save the trouble of building, and the children can play there when the weather is too unsettled for them to play outdoors.

Whatever material is chosen, the main thing is that the summerhouse should not look out of place, but fit in tastefully with the rest of the garden. This can be achieved by planting climbing plants around the building so that it becomes a part of the surroundings.


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