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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Garden Architectural Features

In the past, particularly in baroque times, many works of art were placed in parks and gardens. In a modern garden too, statues and other works of art can be used to increase its aesthetic value. The effect of any owrk of art is enhanced by certain surroundings, and there is no doubt that buildings, pieces of sculptural art and plants are all mutually complementary.

Of course, the choice of any work of art depends on personal taste. And not only statues, wall reliefs and ceramic pots can be used to beautify a garden, but also useful objects with a decorative element, such as bird baths, flower bowls and sundials. Even big stones with interesting shapes, found in their natual setting -- say, when walking along a beach -- can be very effective in a garden.

Not only the selection of a work of art but its placing in the garden needs sensitive handling. A simple statue can hold its own even when there are striking and multiform plants in its neighbourhood, but an elaborate or large-scale work of art can only be properly appreciated in calm surroundings, for instance against a background of evergreens.

An important role is played by the ration of size between the artefact and the garden. It must be remembered that out of doors everything tends to look smaller than it does in a house. The pedestal should also be relatively big.

A garden must not be overcrowded with art objects, or it will look like gallery or storehouse.


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