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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Episcia cupreata (Flame violet )

Scientific Name: Episcia cupreata
Common Name: Flame violet

This is one of the popular episcias, with fine scarlet flowers and leaves that look sugar-coated.

  • Good indirect light
  • Temperature 16 - 21 degree celsius
  • Keep on the dry side

This is an attractive plant that grows in a pendulous fashion and looks good in small hanging pots.

Leaves are an attractive greyish silver and green, and flowers, though small, are of brilliant rted colouring and appear for many months in the middle of the year. Where growing conditions are to their liking, these plants can be grouped in hanging baskets of reasonable size to make a splendid feature in a room.

Good light is essential, but strong, direct sunlight should be avoided. In terms of temperature there is little to worry about in the summer, but the winter temperature should not drop below 16 degree celsius. Plants need to be potted with a peaty mixture.

In winter it is important to give water sparingly and only when it is really needed by the plant. Winter feeding is not necessary, but plants will benefit from regular applications at other times.

To encourage bloom: Provide adequate humidity


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