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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Anthurium scherzerianum

Scientific Name: Anthurium scherzerianum

Common Name: Flamingo flower ; Pigtail plant ; Tailflower

  • Light shade
  • Temperature: 16 - 21 degree celsius
  • keep moist and fed

This is the baby brother of A. andreanum, but is much better suited to average room conditions, in both space requirements and care.

Green leaves are produced on short petioles from soil level, and flowers are generally red in colour and produced over a long spring and summer period.

The spadix in the centre of the flower has a natural whorl to it that gives rise to one of its common names, 'pigtail plant'.

All anthuriums require an open potting mixture, and one made up of equal parts of peat and well-rotted leaves willlbe better than an entirely peat mix, or a mix containing loam.

Once established, plants need regular feeding to maintain leaf colouring and to encourage production of flowers with stouter stems - weak-stemmed flowers will require support. Like A. andreanum, A. scherzerianum should be kept out of direct sunlight.

To encourage bloom: Provide humid conditions.


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