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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Guzmania lingulata

Scientific Name: Guzmania lingulata
Common Name: Orange Star ; Scarlet Star

  • Good light
  • Temperature 13- 18 degree celsius
  • Keep on the dry side.
Belonging to the fine bromeliad family, there are a number of guzmanias that can be found in the quest for new plants to add to the houseplant collection, and all of them will be very easy to manage indoos.

The growing habit is that of most bromeliads - the plant forms a stift rosette of leaves that protrude from a short and stout central trunk. Overlapping leaves make a natural watertight urn, which must be kept filled with water. However, it is advisable to empty the urn and refuill with fresh water periodically. Rain water is preferred but try to avoid getting the soil in the pot too wet. Impressive orange-scarlet bracts develop on short stems from the centre of the urn during winter. New plants can be started from offsets.

Bromeliads should be grown in a free-draining mixture; equal parts of a loam-bas
ed medium and peat will be ideal. Alternatively, use a prepared bromeliad mix.

To encourage bloom: Grow in bright filtered light


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