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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Facts And Pictures Of Boston Fern

The Boston fern has long green drooping fronds growing out of the crown at the surface of the ground. Boston ferns are generally known to be grown in hanging baskets from porches or indoors.

The Boston fern originates from t
ropical and semi-tropical regions of the world. Boston ferns are generally tropical, and will not tolerate temperatures under fifty degrees for any extended period of time.

Boston ferns, like all other ferns, prefer good bright light, but not full sun. Misting a Boston fern from time to time is a good idea, as this will mimic the natural rain forest environment. Boston ferns will only grow in the ground in zones nine through eleven. In any colder zone, they will need to be brought inside for the winter season, as temperatures below 45-50 degrees will kill the plant.

Boston ferns will propagate by using runners, which are long stems that produce small plantlets along their length. In their natural conditions, Boston ferns will also spread naturally by using spores. Boston fens can also be divided. This is the process of breaking one large plant into two or more smaller plants.


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