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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pellaea rotundifolia (Button Fern)

The button fern has dark green rounded leaves attached to firm, wiry stems and forms a dense, attractive plant.

When potti
ng use a peaty mixture and shallow pans. Almost all ferns in small pots will quickly beocme root bound and will lose their vigour if not potted on. However, inspection of roots can be misleading as these are very dark brown and the color of the peaty soil in which they are growing, so careful inspection is needed before potting on.

Potting is best done in spring or summer and the new container should be only a little larger than the last. Roots ought to be moistened before it is removed from the pot, and after potting the soil should be well enough watered for surplus to be seen draining through the holes in the base of the pot. Then keep the newly potted plant on the dry side for several weeks - careful judgement is needed, as excessive drying out of the peat mixture can be fatal as far as ferns are concerned.

Special Tips:

Temperature 16 - 21 degree celsius

keep moist

Avoid direct sunlight.


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