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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cycas rumphii

Common Name : Malayan Fern Palm
Scientific Name : Cycas rumphii

Family Cycadaceae

Origin and Distribution

The plant is native to North Australia and the Malay Archipelago

The plant has a single massive stem like a palm, which can grow to 7m tall. At the top of the trunk is the bunch of stiff, compund leaves. The leaflets are long and narrow, brittle to the touch. Plants are either male or female. The male plant bears a massive male cone terminally on the trunk, made up of numerous fleshy, scale-like leaves covered with pollen sacs on the lower surface. The female plant bears female cones of loosely assembled, narrow, fleshy fertile leaves bearing the ovules. The ovules develop into seeds which are oval, green with a hard cover.

Parts Poisonous: Seed

Chemical compounds: Cyanogenetic glycoside

Information about Poisonous Plants


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