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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Foliage Houseplants

Houseplants not only beautify our homes, but they help clean the air, add humidity to our homes in winter, and can add a wonderful fresh fragrance to a room. If you live in an apartment or town home, this is your chance to exercise your green thumb and stay in touch with nature.

Over the past three decades, houseplants in all shapes and sizes have shown an astonishing increase in popularity. The previous most popular time for indoor plants was at the turn of the century, when many foliage and flowering plants were brought in from tropical redions. Most were kept in heated glasshouses and conservatories, to be removed and put to use as indoor subjects for limited periods, as few homes were warm enough or light enough to sustain plants for more than a limited period. However, some - such as palms, ferns and the indestructible aspidistra - were able to cope with the spartan conditions. Central heating , better light and generally more agreeable modern living conditions have done much to popularize houseplants, and an incredible range of decorative foliage plants is now well within the scope of the more adventurous grower.


There are all sorts of aids that one can use in order to improve the well-being of plants; but getting th eright plant at the outset can often prove to be the best approach. It is essential that plants for sale are stored in heated premises which are reasonably light and able to offer agreeable conditions while the plants are awaiting a purchaser; low temperatures can soon prove fatal to delicate plants.

When selecting, look for plants thta are fresh and free of blemishes. It may also help if the plant has a care card with some directions on plant care attached.


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