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Thursday, February 02, 2006

What types of trees to consider for small garden

Just because your garden is small, don't think you can't have trees. Here's a selection of slow growing or naturally small trees for you to consider.

This small tree is grown for its foliage and small flowers. The varieties range from tender to frost hardy and they need full sun and a well-drained soil.

Acer Palmatum
Also known as Japanese Maples, these lovely trees have lovely dissected leaves and come in a variety of colours from
deep red to green. It is hardy in temperate climates and grows on most fertile soils but prefers one that is slightly acid.

This is a slow growing tree from Australia with a palmlike appearance. It is half hardy to tender but I have grown it in a sheltered spot in a garden in Southern England and it has survived several winters without additional protection. It likes fertile, well drained soil.

Commonly called the dogwood, they are grown for their foliage, flowers or coloured stems in winter depending on the variety. The range from hardy to half hardy and should be planted in sun or semi shade in fertile, well drained soil.

This fast growi
ng Australian tree can qualify for a small garden because the tree can be cut hard back in spring. Not only does this restrict its height, it also keeps the young foliage which is more attractive than that on an older tree. The varieties vary from hardy to frost to tender so check before buying. They need full sun and shelter from strong winds as well as a well drained fertile soil.

The Latin name is Ilex and the most common holly is Ilex Aquifolium. They vary in height so you must take care in choosing a variety suitable for your garden. They can be clipped back and used for hedging. If you want berries you must buy a male and female holly as berries are only found on the female. Hollies are hardy and prefer well drained soil and will grow in sun or shade. Don't try to transplant it because it will surely die!


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